Stuff I’ve Worked On!


Man.  I’ve worked on a lot of stuff since I started at the Virtual Reality Applications Center back in 2004.  There’s no way to cram it all into here,  and there’s probably a lot I’ve forgotten about, but I’ll try to catch all the important stuff.  I’m gonna start with a list, and then flesh it out over time.  If you see something that you feel bears further explanation, let me know!


Parry or Perish

A game created along with Justin Chan for the Indie Quilt game jam.   My lovely girlfriend Laura helped with the rhino boss.33561_1

  • Millenium Falcon Multiplayer VR Deathmatch
  • Riff Raft
  • Tank Goodness
  • Ph.D. Work
  • Jedi Lightsaber VR Trainer

Hexels (with Ted Martens)

Hexels is an art app that I, along with the very talented Ted Martens, started back in 2011 under the banner of Hex-Ray Studios.  Instead of art based on pixels, Hexels lets you use hexagons, triangles, and a variety of other shapes to create art in a very distinctive style.ProScreen_01

  • Pixel Fireplace (with Ted Martens)
  • Graffiti (VR)
  • Bunny Tracks
  • Jojo’s Dodo Dojo
  • WarpG8
  • QTanks
  • GPU Particle System Experiments
  • TouchFactory (VR+iOS)
  • John Deere VR Paint Training Apps
  • Water Simulation Master’s Degree Work
  • SkyPaint (VR)
  • Florés
  • C6 Demo Island (VR)
  • Perlin Noise Generator
  • Radius Schmup
  • ArKen 3D
  • 3D VR Painter

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