Actually, it’s “Doctor Kopecky”

2014-12-20 16.16.26

This post is probably a little late, but I thought I should let the world know that on November 20th, 2014, I finally defended my Ph.D.  My topic was software I wrote for dealing with the complexity of distributed virtual and mixed reality training simulations.  For example, one part was an application-independent program that displayed states of input devices and configuration files for VR simulations.  Another piece dealt with combining and filtering position information from multiple 3D motion tracking systems.

I’m not going to go into details on it here.  I’m so tired of writing about it and talking about it for the past couple years.  So here are abstracts of papers I’ve written on it.  I apologize that the full articles require paid subscriptions.  I’m submitting one to the open-access IEEE Access journal, where anyone will be able to read it!

SPIE Modeling and Defense Systems paper on MetaTracker

2013 I/ITSEC Conference paper on my system as a whole

2014 I/ITSEC Conference paper on using simulated data for testing MetaTracker

My future plans aren’t fully decided yet, but I’m definitely not going to be working for any big companies.  I like the indie dev life.  We’ll see what’s in store for me.  I already got a co-working space I’m renting with my buddy, crazy genius Evan Balster.  Sometime I’d like to do a VR museum project with my lovely fiancé, Laura Funk.  I also have multiple offers for contract programming work.  I’m super excited for everything!

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